Anthony Gajor, a Top Hamilton Reserve Bank Executive, Elected to Major Malaysian Bank Board, First in Nevis History

The Head of Marketing and Corporate Finance at Hamilton Reserve Bank was approved by Malaysian regulators to serve as a board member of Fintech Bank Ltd

JESSUPS ESTATE, NEVIS, ST. KITTS & NEVIS, September 9, 2021 / -- Anthony Gajor, an aspiring Nevisian and the Head of Marketing and Corporate Finance at Hamilton Reserve Bank was approved by Malaysian regulators to serve as a board member of Fintech Bank Ltd (, a leading Malaysia-licensed commercial bank based in Labuan and Kuala Lumpur in Southeast Asia. Mr. Gajor will also be remaining in his position at Hamilton Reserve Bank.

Anthony Gajor is the first and only Nevisian in recent St. Kitts and Nevis history who has been approved of such a prominent international position. At age 27, many in the Federation’s business circles view the well-spoken Mr. Gajor as a rising star in business and perhaps someday in politics.

Fintech Bank anticipates onboarding at least one million new customers in the next twelve months through collaboration with Hamilton Reserve Bank”
— Gavin Lim, Fintech Bank Board Member

Mr. Gajor grew up in Nevis and graduated from the University of New Haven in Connecticut, USA. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management with a minor in accounting, he joined Hamilton Reserve Bank as a private banking executive. A year later, through hard work and exceptional job performance, Mr. Gajor was promoted to lead the bank’s marketing and corporate finance departments in Nevis, rising to the position of Managing Director overseeing the relevant departments. He was also named a member of Hamilton Reserve Bank’s Government Policy Group, which advises the bank’s worldwide leadership on local cultures and business practices in Nevis. Giving back to the Nevis community, Mr. Gajor serves on the board of Nevis Historical & Conservation Society (NHCS), a non-profit, non-governmental organization that strives to protect the cultural heritage of Nevis, including operating the world-renowned Alexander Hamilton Museum in Charlestown.

Excels in the International Markets

“The banking regulators’ approval of Anthony Gajor as a board member of the fully licensed Fintech Bank is a general endorsement of Mr. Gajor’s character and capabilities,” said Prabhakar Kaza, CEO of Hamilton Reserve Bank. “With his experience, deep roots, and upbringing in Nevis, Mr. Gajor meets the high regulatory review standards in Malaysia for ethics and professional qualifications to function effectively as a ‘fit and proper’ person to lead a bank.”

“Fintech Bank anticipates onboarding at least one million new customers in the next twelve months through collaboration with Hamilton Reserve Bank,” said Gavin Lim, a fellow Fintech Bank board member who is based in Malaysia. “Mr. Gajor will serve as a natural ‘bridge of knowledge’ to advise both of our institutions.”

“We are proud of Anthony Gajor’s success as one of the most promising banking executives in St. Kitts and Nevis. It is a great accomplishment to be approved by a well-informed, well-respected, large financial jurisdiction such as Malaysia,” said Sir Tony Baldry, a member of the UK’s Privy Council and Chairman of Hamilton Reserve Bank. “We believe Anthony Gajor is among the most talented executives that Nevis has to offer. As a matter of bank policy, Hamilton Reserve Bank welcomes all ambitious Kittitians and Nevisians to join the bank’s executive bench.”

With his latest success, Anthony Gajor’s world will likely get a lot bigger than the borders of St. Kitts and Nevis.

“Anthony Gajor will travel around the world to meet with Hamilton Reserve Bank’s global clientele,” said Antonio Kenyatta, Hamilton Reserve Bank’s Chief Financial Officer, who is a former investment banking executive at Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan on Wall Street. “Hamilton Reserve Bank has many job openings here in Nevis. It is our policy to help advance the careers of Kittitian and Nevisians. We would love to develop more executives from the Federation.”

Anthony Gajor’s success is felt closely at home. The Gajor family name is well-known among many Nevisians. Mr. Gajor is a Nevis Sixth Form College alum and a Charlestown Secondary High School graduate. His mother Sherry Gajor is a successful cosmetologist and hairstylist in Nevis. His beloved grandfather Joseph Gajor is a serial entrepreneur who has founded several companies.

“I am so happy for Anthony’s achievement. From a very young age, he has had a determined mind to succeed,” Ms. Gajor said. “Anthony wants to pursue a career in Nevis rather than the U.S. where he has declined several job offers because he felt greater opportunities exist in Nevis. I am sure his late grandmother Sylvia Parris would have been very proud of him. We are grateful he is growing with Hamilton Reserve Bank to see a big world out there. Nevis can do a lot more for our young people. Don’t drag these youngsters down because of their age therefore perceived ‘lack of experience.’ Given them a chance to try their wings."

With the support of his mother and his community, Anthony Gajor is excited about taking on a new world of opportunities.

“No matter where I travel to in the world, and no matter what I will do with my life, whether in business or perhaps running for public office someday, Nevis is where my heart is. Nevis is home, and I am always a proud Nevisian.”

About Malaysia
According to the World Bank, Malaysia is a British Commonwealth nation and the world’s 36th largest economy with a population of 32 million and USD400 billion in annual GDP (Gross Domestic Product). Malaysia is widely recognized and broadly respected as a highly sophisticated, forward-looking financial hub that embraces diversity, entrepreneurship, efficiency, and innovation.

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