Fiat currencies settlement
for fintech and digital assets industry

FINTECH BANK focuses on serving institutions, companies, investors, and users in the digital asset industry who need banking services for the clearing and settlement of digital assets.

Bringing simplicity and efficiency

Bringing simplicity and efficiency to every digital asset transaction

  • 24/7 real-time transfers of USD & EUR between exchanges, fintech companies & retail traders using FINTECH BANK’s fiat currencies settlement for digital assets settlement platform.
  • Easily convert digital assets for deposit into fiat currencies.
  • Select preferred choice of USD or EUR for deposit.
  • Convenient and secure settlement of digital assets and faster clearing time for fiat currency.

FINTECH BANK’s fiat currencies settlement for digital assets process In partnership with HWGC

Step 1

Open a FINTECH BANK Personal or Business bank account.

Step 2

Download the HWG Cash (HWGC) app (available in iOS & Android).

Register and open a HWGC account.

Step 3

Upon opening a HWGC account, user to transfer cryptocurrency from blockchain wallet to user’s own HWGC account.

HWGC will convert transferred cryptocurrency amount into USDT.

Step 4

User inputs the USDT withdrawal amount order in the HWGC app.

The order is submitted for approval.

Step 5

Upon approval, the withdrawal amount will be credited into user’s FINTECH BANK account within the next 24 hours in USD currency.

A transaction fee will be charged to the user.